Google’s attempt to destroy crappy ads in Chrome

Google has come up with the idea of improving the browsing experience across the internet for its users. It previously announced that it would be working on an ad blocker that would be introduced directly to the future version of its Chrome browser.

The company has now allowed publishers to fix their crappy ads until early 2018 or these will not be shown at all to the Chrome users. This attempt would prevent people from having to use the third-party ad blockers that take a lot of revenue away from publishers under their nose. All the crappy ads include the auto-playing videos with sounds, pop-ups, as well as the large persistent banners. These appear disruptive to user’s browsing experience and push the users to apply ad blockers. For this purpose, Google has developed a new tool named as Funding Choices. This tool will show the visitors a custom message asking them to disable their already working ad blocker extension or pay in order to view the content by the help of the Google Contributor Program.

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This is a smart approach by Google to fix the issue of bad appearing ads as well as revenue lost. The revenue gets blocked because of the blocking tools. This attempt may not be welcomed by the as blocker makers but building the ad blocking ability inside the Chrome itself, will negate the need for any of the third-party tools.

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