Ratan Tata shares 10 life changing tips for everyone to earn money and become successful

Ratan Tata, born in 1937 is an Indian industrialist and businessman. He was the chairman of Tata Group from 1991 to 2012. Ratan Tata is the recipient of to the highest Indian civilian awards, Ratan is known for his business wisdom and eye into the future. It is because of his business instinct, the Tata group has grown over the decades under his leadership.

Tata shares 10 valuable pieces of advice for anyone who wants to make money and become successful in their life and business.

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Advice # 1

Ratan Tata says that you must evaluate your strength and then pick on the opportunities and challenges. You are the best judge of yourself, no one knows you better than yourself. So ask your self what are you good at and make a decision, go all heart out for that work.

Advice # 2

Accept reality. We should have the courage to accept who we are as this is the only way we can have the courage to break our mental barriers. It is very important for us to realize in order to push our limits. Believe in ourselves, that is the only way forward.

Advice # 3

Stay low, stay humble. Despite so much popularity and wealth in business, Ratan Tata always remained humble.  He believes humility is very important in order to be successful in life. This advice is also given and reflected in the lifestyle of many successful people all around the world.

Advice # 4

No work is big or small, one should enjoy whatever work they are doing and do it with sincerity. Ratan Tata’s first job was to shove coal and limestone into the blast furnace. From that job to all the way to the richest man in India, he tells us that we should cherish our work and duties. We must show them that our heart is in place when at work. One should always love their work.

Advice # 5

Aim big, that is the only way you can chase your dreams. Ratan Tata stresses the importance of aiming big in order to be successful in life.

Advice # 6

Make every day count. Ratan Tata says we should do something every day so we do not regret the time lost. Successful people always plan their time early in the mornings and then make sure the plan gets executed.

The day I will no longer be able to fly will be the most unfortunate day for me – Ratan Tata

Advice # 7

Trust is an invaluable asset. It is very necessary that we build trust with the people we work with. It is important for businesses to gain customers trust, they will get closer to you.

Advice # 8

Try to do something new in life, there is no age limit. Ratan Tata’s life has been full of new business Ventures. Even after retirement from Tata Group, he invested his personal savings in SnapDeal – it is one of the Indians leading eCommerce website. He has invested in an online store selling premium Indian tea and cashkaro.com. The lesson here is, keep working and keep doing something new in your life. Age is just a number and this is one of the main reason how smart people damage themselves with their own mistakes.

Advice # 9

Never run away from your problems because success is always disguised in challenges. Challenges are prerequisite of success.

Advice # 10

Inspire yourself from success stories, keep motivating yourself every day. Read the success stories of people from all over the world.

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