6 Paradoxes of life that will help you become a better person

Sometimes the truths of life are the most contradictory on the surface. Yet, experiences prove them to be understandable again and again but they seem like impossibilities. But if we look a bit deeper, the real grains of wisdom are lying beneath the surface contradictions.

Following are the few paradoxes that can provide some insight for getting a little clarity of life.

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Best things in life cannot be purchased:

It is impossible to put a price tag on few of the things such as health, happiness, family, and true friends. These are the things that provide you actual happiness but you ignore them for possession of material things in search for it.

You don’t value until something is gone:

You think that relationships and things last forever. But that is not true; you feel the absence once they are gone from your life.


You desire to get more things done in the shortest possible time, but in reality you achieve nothing this way. Plan to do one thing at a time and give your best to it.

What goes around comes around:

Don’t think that if you do something bad to a person, your actions will be forgotten. Nature never forgets and takes the revenge in similar way no matter at what stage you are. So, be nice to people and to this earth too.

You can bring a change once you accept yourself:

You cannot take on the responsibilities until you figure out your abilities. Accept who you actually are and if your find flaws, work on improving them.

A watched pot never boils:

You cannot start your journey and expect you soon be successful and will reap the benefits. Things take time much longer then you think so stop waiting and start living your life in reality.

Via: Hack Spirit

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