QforQuran – Bringing the Quran Reading Community Together

Looking around, you will hardly see anything that hasn’t been touched by technology yet. Everything concerning life as it was, has been revolutionized by the Internet. The human mind keeps coming up with innovations and these innovations have found their home in smartphone and web applications. Numerous mobile apps now connect you to people, lifestyles and cultures. Muslims, however, look for a different kind of connection. For them, the connections with Allah, Quran and the entire Ummah are the ones that matter. Currently, however, there is a lack of such platforms for Muslims.

QforQuran acknowledged the need for such a platform and launched its Android and iOS app last year. Packed with several features, QforQuran is the World’s first community-driven, habit building Quran reading app.  It is a platform where Muslims can connect with each other through Quran. Throughout the year, the app received appreciation from users all around the World. Major reason being its innovative features and constant upgrades. This Ramadan, through the launch of its web application, QforQuran is all set to make it even more easier for us to connect with Quran. The web app integrates with the mobile app and allows Muslims from around the globe to read Quran more efficiently.

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Beginning of Web App Journey – Quran Recitation Event for Abdul SattarEdhi

Perhaps the most significant feature of QforQuran is Quran reading events and community-reading of Al-Quran. Users from all across the World can create events online to read Quran for different purposes. These purposes can be different for each user. A few examples are Quran reading events for Eesal-e-sawab, Quran recitation for a new home, Quran reading on the birth of baby, etc. This feature eliminates all the preparation that we do at our homes for Quran Khwani. All you have to do now is create an event on the app and invite your friends and family to read Quran with you. The rest is taken care by the app itself. The main differentiating advantage of QforQuran is that users do not read Quran alone. The Holy Book is read globally using QforQuran, and the user takes part in a global event.

QforQuran launched its web app with a tribute to Abdul SattarEdhi; the renowned humanitarian. Currently, QforQuran is holding an online Quran Khwani event for Edhi Sahib. Muslim Community is invited to contribute by reading 10 ayahs or more. People can participate by reading as much Quran as they can and pray for Edhi.

QforQuran Edhi

Habit Building System for Quran Reading

Another noteworthy aspect of QforQuran is its habit building feature. Using this feature people can read Quran at their own pace. This feature aids users to develop daily Quran reading habit. The user initially enters the amount of time they are willing to give to Quran reading everyday. The app accesses the user’s daily routine and assigns them specific tasks. The user has to complete the task within an assigned time. In the beginning, it is an activity of just 5-10 minutes daily. This feature provides convenience to the users as they can read the Holy Quran anywhere, anytime. No more excuses for being too caught up at work now!

QforQuran App
Gamification – Another Level of Motivation

The innovative feature list doesn’t end here. QforQuran uses inbuilt gamification that drives more people towards Quran reading. Users complete certain daily or weekly goals to unlock levels and earn rewards. The gamification feature particularly encourages teenagers and gamers to read Quran regularly.

Progress Tracking – View Your Contribution

QforQuran allows users to save and view their progress. The personal progress screen shows the number of ayahs read by the user and their contribution to Quran reading, whereas, the home screen shows the number of users reading Quran on the community, the number of verses read, and the number of Quran finished. Thus, the entire application makes you feel connected to the Community through Quran.

QforQuran App screen 2

Social Media Integration – Share the love of Quran with your loved ones

QforQuran allows social media integration. Users can share their favouriteQuranic verses, sunnahs and hadiths on social media with their family and friends.

QforQuran social media integration

Multiple Translations and Fonts

Users can choose from translation in five different languages including English, Arabic, Hindi, Malaysian and Indonesian. The app also supports various font styles and sizes.

QforQuran Multiple Translations and Fonts

In a nutshell, with its wide variety of features, QforQuran has the potential to become one of the leading Quran reading app. If you want to read more Quran this Ramadan or want to become a regular Quran reader, then we suggest you download it right away.

Android App Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qforquran&hl=en
IOS App Srorehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/qforquran/id1149936077?mt=8
Web App: http://apps.qforquran.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/QforQuran/
Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/qforquran/
Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/qforquranapp
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