Putting the kids on the right activity requires lot of care, attention. Do these 6 fun activities to keep them busy

As a parent, you feel frustrated when your child flops down on the floor and complain “I’m bored! There is nothing for me to do”. You see your child’s big eyes waiting for you to do something. You sometimes feel helpless to come up with a zap of inspiration to make them feel better. Children are born to play, create, and have fun in whatever they do. Your children’s next idea of what to do depends on your care, attention, and the level of understanding. When your child does not feel connected with you, even the coolest and newest toy or even an adventure loses its luster for them.

In the old days, a child’s fun was utilizing the imagination but this does not exist in the modern world. Children have become dependent on other things as well as people to provide the entertainment. So, when they turn towards you for inspiration for their next activity, following are the few simple but winning tactics that can help:

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Make birthday cards:

You can ask your child to remember which of their friends or family members have birthdays coming up in the next few days. Then ask your child to make custom cards for them and help your child while doing that. Your participation will encourage them to come up with more ideas and this will help your child to come out of boredom.

Make them search meaning of their name:

This is better for little older children because you need to let them use internet for this purpose. Ask them to search the meaning of their name online and report back to you when they finally do that. The search should not be limited just to the meaning of the name but they must also find its origin, affiliation with anyone famous, etc.

Make them sit silently:

When your child complains for being bored, tell them to sit silently and pay attention to what is around them. If you have a view from a window to look at, make them sit there and ask them to observe interesting things. It will help them use their mind on a completely different pattern and hopefully they will understand the concept of imagination.

Photo album:

You may have old photo albums which you yourself have not seen in years. But you can share seeing them with your child which will make them busy and get out of boredom. It can be your wedding album or any trip you had taken with your family.

Do a veggie buffet:

That’s the most fun thing you can do, cut up all the available vegetables such as carrots, celery, broccoli, beet root etc., and then set out dippers. Add some cheese, hummus, or yogurt to the salads and enjoy it with your child.

Make them connect with grandparents:

When your child feels bored, it is the best time to connect them with their grandparents. Get them to ask your parents what they liked as a kid and how they used to spend their free time. It will give a lot of inspiration to your child and will also make them use their own imagination to have fun.

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