Privacy and security concerns about Apple’s new facial recognition technology

Apple’s tenth-anniversary device known as the iPhone X is no doubt going to have the facial recognition technology. The company says that this facial scanner is much more secure than the fingerprint scanner for unlocking the apps. But this technology has still raised few questions among the analysts and they are concerned about the safety and privacy of user’s information.

Following are the questions that have been raised regarding the facial recognition technology:

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Where all the information will be stored?

The biometric data is traditionally stored on Apple’s secure enclave. When the data will be kept on your iPhone, it will be much safer than being saved in the cloud.

The legal implications of opening phone with facial expression:

According to the legal director of Massachusetts ACLU, the company has not made it clear how the technology will work in practice and will the investigation authorities will be able to open up a phone without a warrant.

What the data will be used for by Apple?

Another major concern is that the apps that are not created by Apple, will they also be able to tap into FaceID to authenticate the user. Also, for advertisers, the feedback is a valuable content but it can also turn a user’s phone into a spying tool for any app being used.

Does facial recognition make any sense in real life?

As the mobile facial recognition isn’t wide spread so the major concerns arising including what if someone snatches the phone and points on the user’s face to unlock? What if someone dies and the phone cannot be unlocked?

There are many other issues that have not been anticipated as this technology is still not in the reach of a large number of people.


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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