Patent filed by Facebook to detect your emotions

Facebook has now recently filed a patent that indicates the platform is aiming for something really important. According to reports, the filed patent would be for a system that would use a front-facing camera of a smartphone or a laptop; this will take brief photos of a user while they are using the Facebook which will be then used by the platform as temporary photos.

These temporary photos will be used to determine the emotions of a user upon seeing posts on the platform’s News Feed. This information will be used by the social media network to provide personalized content to keep users on the platform for a longer period of time.

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For example, if a user appears happy by looking at a photo of a friend or an animal, more such photos will be included in the platform. Also, the platform will also reduce the images and posts users will not be interested in watching. The proposed facial emotion detection system will be helpful in automating the process. According to the platform, the company often seeks patents for technology that is never implemented. The patents should never be taken as future plan indication by the platform.

But the public relations are on the downside for Facebook when it comes to the idea that the network was secretly taking photos of users without their consent. This will not be an easy task for the company to handle. This isn’t the first time Facebook has tried to understand users’ emotions, it has been tracking emotional states of teenage users by looking at their posts and comments. It then used the information to target such users with particular kind of ads.

Via: CB Insights


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