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Are you an online shopper that spends hours skimming through e-commerce websites to find the right product at the right price? is here to help you out with that. is the biggest shopping engine in Pakistan with a database of over 1.2 million products from a wide range of online stores in Pakistan. The search engine provides you information about the latest prices, offers, and discounts from all the major online shopping websites in the country.

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In just a few months, has emerged to become the leading product search engine in Pakistan with over 250,000 hits per month. What is more is that with new products being indexed every day, this number is only likely to rise even further!

How does it all work? has an advanced data collection and mining system in place that is responsible for indexing products on our website. The intelligent search engine utilizes the same techniques that are applied by the leading search engines globally.

The best part about all of this is that the system is completely automated. The automated indexing ensures that all the results are accurate and up to date. This is perhaps the most important reason behind the success and growth of

For ensuring maximum accuracy and efficiency, makes use of complex machine learning algorithms. This automatically handles matters such as spelling correction and classification of products. Though the algorithms are still a work in progress, the team continues to improve it for optimizing the results even further. No other product search engine in Pakistan utilizes such techniques for filtering and optimizing its results.

All of the product information is stored in a cloud environment with clusters of computers set up for structuring, sorting, and storing the data. has a scalable infrastructure that can handle millions of records without the need for maintenance or downtime.

What is in it for the buyers?

Instead of having to visit numerous websites to find if the product is available or look for the lowest prices, you can just simply search for it on The search engine will display a list of all the online stores that have the product available with their prices and availability. Additionally, the search engine is also capable of filtering out products that are ‘out of stock’, ‘discounted’, or ‘coming soon’ so that you get all the information that you need in a single location. The best part? The service is free of cost and it will always remain free!

What is in it for the vendors?

Vendors have the chance to get their products indexed on the most popular product search engine in Pakistan for free. The statistics from show that the service generates millions of rupees worth of sale for online shopping websites every month! provides a golden opportunity to vendors to make their products more visible and boost their sales. The service itself has a high SEO ranking which means that when you get your product indexed on, it automatically shows up on top of leading search engines such as Google.

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