3 things every online business should be cautious about

If you think that cyber security is something that only online businesses or large companies need to be aware off, you are probably wrong! You spend a lot of time online between personal activities, internet banking, and everything that you do online for your business. In business, you hire staff through an online portal and engage with different people.

For new businesses, it is even more important because there is a lot at stake when you are starting to build trust with new customers as well as relationships in your network. The data breach can cause damage not only to your reputation but can often turn into a setback that is often impossible to overcome.

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But taking the right security precautions at the early stages of your business, you can ensure long-term success as an entrepreneur, online worker. There are relatively simple steps that you can take to improve your startup business’s cyber security that would not interfere with your efforts to build your business. Following are the few steps you should be careful about:

  • Up-to-date software:

Hackers can access the data on your computers if your software isn’t up-to-date. You need to keep the software updated in order to reduce the vulnerabilities that bad actors can exploit.

  • Cloud storage devices:

You can keep your information safe by backing up data through cloud storage. It involves backing up all your files through cloud storage service as it will bolster a company’s data protection strategy without having to increase the workload or information technology staff. Cloud is also one of top 3 Skills Are In High Demand In 2019.

  • Two-factor authentication:

For keeping the information safe, it is very important that you always turn on the two-factor authentication. It incorporates texts and emails into the login process. It is even better if you opt for a three-factor authentication where possible. It involves the use of a password, an item you have in your possession, and a characteristic that is unique to you such as a fingerprint or a facial identification.

All  major social media platforms now offer two factor authentications. WhatsApp lets you turn on Two-Step Verification, two-factor authentication is also introduced by Instagram and Facebook also secures your account with two factor authentication.


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