One Way to Make Your 2019 Better? Do This

2019 is just around the corner. Everyone knows the importance of goal setting and from an early age, you are encouraged to set goals and work towards them. The self-help books, articles, and master classes seem to be all devoted to coaching people how to set goals but in most cases, these approaches do not work.

If you want to get a better life, you’ve got to set the goals and for the new year and eye them constantly. For setting realistic goals,  you need to know how to set them with well-defined steps that transcend the specifics of each goal.

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One Way to Make Your 2019 Better?. If you ask me, I would suggest set the goal for new year by following these golden rules.

Select the goals that motivate you:

When you are setting goals, make sure to choose the ones that motivate you. There should be some value in achieving them and there should be great interest in the outcome. If the interest is slim, you will have no motivation to work for achieving your goals.

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Therefore, set goals that relate to higher priorities in your life.

Set the goals that are SMART:

SMART goals are something you may have heard of but have never but have never tried how to apply them. SMART goals are the ones that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. For specific goals, your goals must be clear and well defined.

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The measurable goals should include the precise amount, dates, and other factors that measure your degree of success. Make sure to set goals that are attainable and also the most relevant ones.

Write them down:

When you write down your goals on paper, it makes them real and tangible. It frees you from the excuse of forgetting them. By writing them it gives you the power to see them and to frame them positively.

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It is best to post them on visible places and remind yourself everyday of what you are intended to do.

Create an action plan:

You must not forget to plan all the steps that are needed to reach your goals. Write down the steps individually and then cross each one as you complete them. This will help you realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goals.

Stick with the plan:

In order to stay on the track, you need to stick with the plan that you have created for setting goals. Goal setting is an ongoing activity and not just a means to an end.

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Therefore, regularly review your goals and make sure to stick with it.

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