UpWork releases 20 Fastest growing Freelance skills in Q3, 2018

Upwork.com is the world’s largest freelance marketplace where clients post the projects and freelancers bid. It releases the 20 fastest growing freelance skills every quarter. Now, Upwork has released the list of 20 fastest growing freelance skills in Q3, 2018.

The top 20 fastest-growing skills, Q3 2018:

  1. Dropbox API

  2. Equity research

  3. Molecular biology

  4. iPhone UI design

  5. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  6. Genetic algorithms

  7. Vue.js framework

  8. Kubernetes

  9. Social customer service

  10. HR consulting

  11. Google Cloud Platform

  12. Oculus Rift

  13. Microsoft Power BI

  14. Proposal writing

  15. Vuforia

  16. Instructional design

  17. Lesson plan writing

  18. Google App Engine API

  19. React.js framework

  20. TensorFlow

You can compere which skills were dominating and in demand in Q2 and have been replaced by new ones by looking at the Upwork’s Q2 fastest growing skills in 2018.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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