On Pakistan’s request, Facebook removes blasphemous content

Earlier this month, Pakistani authorities had reacted over the blasphemous content being displayed on social media websites. The leading social media platform Facebook was informed regarding the issue. The platform in response assured for looking into the matter and even considered sending a Facebook team to Pakistan for solving the issue.

Recently, the interior ministry the informed Islamabad High court that the Facebook administration has started blocking the illegal blasphemous content from the website. The Interior Secretary Arif Khan stated that the Facebook authorities have responded positively to their letter and have agreed upon removing the hateful content. According to him, the ambassadors of around 27 Muslims countries were taken in connection regarding the issue. The arrests that had been made for the illegal online blasphemy investigation, two people were found to be directly involved in posting the content. The suspects’ laptops and mobile devices are a clear proof of their involvement in acts of blasphemy. But according to the interior secretory, just banning the websites such as Facebook can never be the solution of the problem, other measures should be taken to prevent such issues on long terms.

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According to Ismael Shah, the Chairman of the Pakistan telecommunication Authority, a team consisting 25 members is already working to search any blasphemous content on the internet and has taken action against 40 cases. But the Facebook’s repose to agreeing to Pakistani’s authorities demands is a big achievement. But in the remarks of IHC Chief Justice Shaukat Siddique, the role of information ministry has not been satisfying during the whole issue. He has even asked the IT Minister Anusha Rehman to explain the reasons why these issues have not been resolved yet. He has also sought for a report concerning on amendments for the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016. The court has asked all parties to submit their report regarding the issue and for this purpose, the court will be resumed on March 31.

Regarding the blasphemous content, Prime Minister has ordered to block all sacrilegious content and also the Islamabad High Court is keenly looking into the matter to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Via: The Dawn

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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