Obama’s interview guarantees big success for this new startup

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Many surprising things emerged during the presidential elections but something really amazing that this race brought in spotlight is a new startup company NowThis. On its own, the company’s election coverage snagged around two billion views making it most popular among the audience.

A new startup portfolio company NowThis has started to influence the young generation’s favorite social media platform Facebook. The recent interview of President Obama has landed on its pages and is considered as a bigger leap by the company. This interview is present in 5 bite-sized videos and has provided a lot of importance to the platform.

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According to the company’s president, NowThis is dominating the Facebook with its news videos. The startup company was the first one to cover the presidential campaigns. Before Obama’s interview, NowThis interviewed Bernie Sanders during his progressive political movement. This interview gained the views up to 30 million a month making it more prominent in the eyes of analysts.

Facebook Waves:

NowThis was established in 2012 by digital media experts Eric Hippeau and Ken Lerer. It was created with the concept of live videos to whatever platform the audiences liked. But it came in the spotlight when Facebook started using the platform for promoting its videos in competition with YouTube.

The company produces all kind of videos but the major part of its popularity came from small videos that were shared on Facebook. Therefore it started focusing towards it and now it produces 65 videos per day with the help of its 120 employees.

This startup company was used by the White House as well for reaching the young people. The administration under Obama’s supervision understood the effectiveness of the platform and the used it to encourage young people to vote for Hillary Clinton. President Obama used NowThis for directly communicating with the voters and this was the time the company started gaining immense popularity.

After Hillary v. Trump:

The elections no doubt gave NowThis an immense start but the key to its success is the company’s love for experimentation. The company is now focusing on the elements that work for the Facebook Live. The overproduced segments of the TV feature are less likely to get views and the team is working to find out a solution to this problem. But NowThis knows that live video works as a two way conversation and the discussion continues even after the video ends.

The Money Question:

With the company’s own branded content studio, the team wants to figure out how to make money. Sponsored videos can be helpful in earning cash but it is not cheap to make a video. Facebook in this aspect is not progressing much which has made publishers in the media business a bit worried.

The company wants to turn its audience into a sustainable business and for this reason it is in contact with Facebook and SnapChat on regular basis. Facebook has improved a lot of its products because of the feedback provided by NowThis. The company is confident of Facebook as it will prove as a strong support for their flourishing business.



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