Nokia is Capturing Pakistani Mobile Phone Market Again! Back with a Bang

Back in the 1990s, Nokia was another name for mobile phones, it was the powerhouse of all the mobile phones. We all know Nokia was the pioneer in the mobile phone world! With the advent of smartphones, Nokia had completely fallen. The smartphone market started booming and with that, Nokia lost to Apple, Samsung and a number of other smartphone brands. Nokia kept on trying to reach that level but kept failing. There was even a time when Nokia introduced smartphones in collaboration with Microsoft. However, it still did not live up to the mark and failed to meet the competition.

Recently, Nokia brand has been trying to enter the big market with HMD Global. It is seeking to rise from the ashes with secured Android operating system.It will obviously be tough to compare Nokia cellphones with other brands but Nokia’s re-entry sounds very promising!

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Nokia – A Recognizable Global Cellphone Leader

Nokia is the global technology leader at the heart of our connected world. This Finnish company of multinational communications, information technology and consumer electronics company that was founded in the year 1865. This global company is 160 nationalities working in more than 100 countries. Nokia provides you with the industry’s most complete, end-to- end portfolio of products, services and licensing. Nokia’s vision is to expand human possibilities by shaping the future of technology to transform the human experience. Not only this, Nokia offers award winning analytics solution and applications. Nokia makes sure everything is done in a very responsible manner. Apart from producing classic phones and window phones, Nokia has also partnered with Android producing smart phones of their own. Powered with Android, Nokia attempts a smartphone comeback wth immersive entertainment. These are sleek, curved designs with all the essentials giving you a pure Android experience.

The latest Nokia Smartphones include Nokia 1, being the cheapest of them all starting from $85. Then come the Nokia 6, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco. Nokia’s five new phones include three Android Smartphones, one low budgeted Android Go phone and one classic Nokia phone rebooted from the past. With these latest devices that Nokia has introduced, it has sold 70 million devices in the year 2017 which turned out to be the best comeback strategy. Till the year 2017, it had 100 retail partners but it has now expanded it over 2018.

Nokia’s all new smartphones promise to get the work done. you’ll get all Android major updates and monthly security updates which a pretty huge deal is. Even though it has a very smart body and a few great features but people still demand for the thinnest smartphone and the biggest smartphone. Nokia does not promise looks but it promises features that’ll not only help you get your work done but will also help you play smart at an affordable price.

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Nokia’s Cellphones Powerful Features

With the latest Snapdragon, chipset, outstanding camera pixels, generous amount of internal and external storage, great display and affordable prices, Nokia has a lot of top notch specs to offer its customers. Being the pioneer of mobile phones, a lot of people still have regard for Nokia phones. No matter what, Nokia is never going to lose its importance when it comes to classic phones but partnering with HMD Global and Android was really a big deal for Nokia. With the endless demand and millions of phones being sold, Nokia is dramatically coming back with a bang! The brand surely is rising again from the grave and will turn out to be your next choice if you’re looking for an excellent featured smartphone in a very low budget!

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