How to stay in good mood all the time

Everybody wants to feel upbeat and enthusiastic most of the time but with busy schedules, you tend to rush from obligation to obligation feeling like you are in a rut. Life seems to pass by so quickly that it feels as if you are sitting in a train with life sliding by like scenery outside the window. You feel like you have no choice but to oblige the guidelines other have set.

But you are not what happens to you, or what others think of you or even the mistakes that you make, you are actually so much more. And as much satisfied you will be with yourself, the more you create and maintain the high energy, you will remain focused and will have a positive mood on an ongoing basis. Following are the changes that you can make in life to create and maintain a happy mood all the time.

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1. Enough amount of sleep:

When you don’t get enough sleep, you become mentally disturbed and you remain tense all the time. You become unable to make decisions with clarity and in the long-run; it brings bad impacts on your mental and physical health. Therefore, get enough sleep to stay mentally sharp and to keep your spirits high.

2. Regular workout:

When you work out, there is a rush of endorphins which gives a boost to your good mood. It allows you to focus on self-care and make you feel good about your body. Once you feel relaxed inside, you enjoy all the reasons to that allow you to be happy.

3. Water intake:

Water is not just for quenching thirst, it provides a cure to so many diseases that you might not be even aware of. Instead of having more coffee, make it a habit of drinking water. Drink water as a therapy for your physical health and you will see enormous benefits. You will experience less headaches in your daily routine.

4. Maintain a variety in life:

You can get a boost in your mood by spicing things a bit up in your life. It can be done by bringing small changes, meeting new people, and visiting new places. Make your routine exciting by cooking the dishes you haven’t eaten before and you will see there are endless opportunities to be happy in life.

5. Become a lifelong learner:

Just like your body needs to be fueled after some specific times, your brain also needs to be fed with new information in order to keep working actively. For this purpose, you need to become a lifelong learner. Make sure that you learn something new every day and it can be done easily by Ted Talks, solving riddles, and playing games that you haven’t played before. This will give you less time to think about the thoughts that create disturbance in your mind and make you unhappy.

Via: Lifehack 

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