No body is perfect and there is nothing wrong with it. Here are few ways to embrace your imperfections

If you only knew how the universe looks at you, you would have felt overloaded with confidence. Born with perfect genes and a mind and body, you are the miracle that is capable of engineering. Your role is to see yourself through the eyes of love and embrace the wholeness of your being. But alas, living in a world of non-stop comparison, it takes a healthy mindset, a greater perspective, as well as a strong internal fortitude to not be bogged down that you are somehow fallen short.

While the world is filled with role models of perfect people, what today’s world actually need are the role models of imperfections. People with viewpoints that show you how to embrace the imperfections and then succeed should be the actual heroes.

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Following are the few ideas that are helpful in accepting yourself as you are and celebrating your success along with your imperfect self:

Accept the humans are not perfect:

You must understand that a human does not know everything. It is possible for humans to make mistakes but instead of getting stuck to that, it is better to make decisions that help you move forward. Be true to who you are and what feels right to you.

Don’t be ashamed of your weaknesses:

No matter what you think about yourself but there is only one you with all the good and bad. You may be hurt by your past experiences but it’s not enough to simply learn from them. You need to understand what you are made of and what you can do to improve the certain weaknesses that take away your confidence. Use your weaknesses as a challenge and work hard to improve with the passage of time.

Know where you are going:

There is nothing you can do to predict the journey that is ahead of you but your feet are in your control. So, make decisions that come from your personal moral compass. Be true to what you think is right for you and take intentional steps that lead you in the directions of your desired goals. The walk you take on the path might not be perfect, but by having a clear vision in mind you feel confident where you are headed.

Enjoy your life:

Life is short and you cannot waste it whining about things that are not in your control. It only brings negativity and sadness in your life. So, laugh when you have the choice and laugh on the mistakes that you made. Sometimes the mistakes make you depressed and frustrated for not doing everything right. But you are human and you need to remember that humans are not perfect. So, enjoy life with the flaws, being vulnerable, and being true to your own self.

This is not just to say that you should give up all your efforts in trying to improve; it is your nature to grow, to expand, and to flourish. Accept the idea that you are never meant to be perfect but you are only meant to be perfectly YOU.

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