Navigate your first week at a new job by doing these 5 things

It is absolutely normal to feel anxious at your new job because you are not alone. There are so many people who experience the same feelings once they have finished celebrating and dust has settled a little bit. You must be wondering what on earth you have got yourself into. Any new employee confronts the same first-week jitters when they enter into their new job.

You probably will be eager to impress the managers but you should be aware that the first impressions are often the lasting ones. So that you don’t make any critical missteps, you need to prepare yourself for the first week no matter how confident you are.

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You are most likely to follow the following steps for getting yourself properly adjusted to your new job.

Show up early:

It is best to show up early for your new job. You should always keep in mind the type of commute you are up against. Getting at the workplace before time will provide a little bit of peace before daily hustle of the office begins.

Get organized:

Once you have reached the office before time, you will have extra time. Use this extra time to get organized and add some personal touches to your siting area. Add a calendar or your favorite photos so that you do not feel a stranger anymore.


Remember, no one is going to expect something spectacular from you in the first week therefore stay relaxed and true to yourself. Instead of bragging about your achievements, sit back and observe the surrounding. This will give you more information about the workplace than any of your colleague.

Introduce yourself:

Instead of waiting for other colleagues, you need to break the ice yourself. Hang out with people during the break and introduce yourself to them.

Lunch with a co-worker:

You cannot become best friends with your colleagues in the first week of your new job. But agreeing to have lunch with them will give you a better understanding of the environment you will be working in.

According to a workplace expert, when you connect with people at a humane level in the office, the faster your career will advance.

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