Nabeel Tirmazi, A Pakistani Producer Makes Nation Proud.

In recent times and situations, it is becoming almost impossible to portray a better image of Pakistan to the people at large. But the educated individuals are taking initiatives for presenting a brighter picture of our country to the face of the world.

Recently a senior Pakistani producer, Syed Nabeel Tirmazi, has been able to achieve a height that has made the nation proud. He has produced a ten minutes documentary movie with the title “The Dark Climb”. His documentary has been selected for the 14th international Mountain Film Festival.

Tirmazi is a senior producer with a vast experience of producing 50 documentaries on some of the very unique issues during his 15 years career.

This documentary movie has been shot on a blind mountaineer Haider Ali who is a student of international Relation in a local university. The basic idea that leads the producer for the production of the documentary was to highlight the achievements of those people who are disabled and are attaining success in life despite their natural frailty. He wants to encourage and motivate such people to break the barriers that are created around them by the society and play an active role by make use of their intelligence and hard work. These kinds of movies can help support the softer image of our country and that is what the producer actually wants to achieve.

His documentary movie has been shortlisted out of total of 270 entries by the international jury. On the occasion of 14th Mountain Film Festival, the jury will preview all the documentaries and will decide upon the best one. This festival will be held in Hamburg, Germany at the end of 2016.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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