More leaked Information regarding iPhone 8 Home Button and Function Area

The information that has been revealed up till now indicates that Apple’s upcoming device will have an entirely bezel-less design. it will be having a 5.8-inch OLED display panel which will be stretched on its front surface. But the recently leaked information reveals that what this iPhone 8 is actually capable of.

This information reveals how the flagship device will function by utilizing its all-new virtual Home button. The info graphic image below shows the iOS 11 update and the iPhone 8. It shows how the company’s redesigned handset will manage with its massive screen in relation to its new virtual home button along with a smaller form factor as that of the 4.7-inch iPhone’s model.

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The information indicates that the display will be divided into two important areas. It will include a Display Area and a Function Area. The Display area will have 5.15-inch area measuring about 2,436 x 1,125 pixels whereas the Function Area at the bottom of the handset brings out the overall resolution of the device up to 2,800 x 1,242. The function area, however, is also expected to function as a peripheral UI element that may reveal or hide itself. It may minimize or expand the virtual home button along with other controls on a user/s choice.

It is also expected that the iPhone 8 will have the ability to work for a variety of different color themes as well as backgrounds. An on-demand display of specific buttons will be provided by the function area. There is still time with the actual launch of the Apple’s upcoming device but the speed with which the information is being leaked regarding its features, the phone won’t be much of a surprise for iPhone lovers.

Featured picture and post Via: iDropNews

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