Facebook buys computer vision startup that adds objects to video

Recently a German startup publication reported acquisition of a German company by Facebook. This company is known to create software add-ons for the purpose of video editing. This kind of editing is helpful in adding or removing the whole of the objects from captured videos using the computer vision. This acquisition is really helpful for Facebook as the company plans to chase another video filter technology. This will be used both for live streaming efforts and for Facebook’s platform like Instagram and Stories. This new technology can be really helpful in the field of augmented reality.

The acquisition was initially reported by a German startup (Variety) and confirmed to TechCrunch

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In April, Facebook had launched an AR platform for its built-in camera feature. The company launched this program with a vision of encouraging developers for building up the AR experiences that could be used in Facebook smartphones. This according to Mark Zuckerberg would be the first of its kind augmented reality platform to become main stream.

The working of the platform includes recognizing real world objects that are captured by a smartphone camera and then applying digital effects specifically to those objects. The social network’s plans have become more interesting as Apple has also revealed its plans for bringing the technology at a system level throughout iOS with ARKit.

The newly acquired Fayteq’s expertise will be a great help for Facebook to continue building out an area of its product plans and also to work on AR ultimately.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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