Monetize YouTube Videos Using Google Adsense Hosted Account

Monetizing youtube

If you need extra cash now, there is no better way to jump into video advertizing online and enable monetize video. Marketing online videos is the next big thing, visual content has far better impact then text, pictures. Videos can make millions in minutes and is one of the best form of home business.

People can earn money now by monetizing YouTube videos. Let’s take a look at how to earn money using YouTube videos.

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1st go to YouTube and Enable Monetization on Your Account, if you don’t know  how to Enable Monetization In YouTube Channel, follow these simple steps.

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1. After monetization go to your channel click on Creator Studio


2. Click on Channel Menu on The Left Side

YouTube Channel setup

3. Click on View monetization settings

YouTube Monetization settings

4. Now Click on “How will I be paid?”

Need money

5. Then Click on associate an Adsense account


6. Click on Next

YouTube Monetization

7. Now Click on “Sign in” if you create a new account then click on “Create account”

setup Google Adsense

8. Now Enter your Email and Password and Click on Sign in

signup Google adsense

9. Click on “Accept association”

youtube partner program

10. Finally you got your own Google Hosted Adsense Account  less than in 5 mintues.

enabling monetization

If you need extra cash now, start internet business. You can monetize video by marketing online videos on YouTube and get a chance of earning millions in minutes.

Credits: Bilad Ul Amin.



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