Make Skype calls with Siri Without Opening The App


Siri, which is more commonly known as Apple’s personal digital assistant on iOS devices, has the power to do a lot more than just looking up for good places or creating reminders. The powers of Siri’s mobile application command were pretty much just limited to its own devices until Microsoft took a notice of it.

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Microsoft has recently released a new version of Skype for the iPhone and iPad users keeping Siri’s power in mind. The company updated for making the Skype’s calling process seamless and made use of Siri’s mobile application commands for this purpose.

Now Siri will make a call from your Skype’s contact list with your simple command of making a call to the specific contact. You will just have to speak “call-name of the person” and Siri will do the job. It may ask you for confirmation of the number you wish to call and once you do that, it will dial straight away.

The interesting fact is that you will be able to do all this without actually using the Skype app on your phone. Skype calls will be received as other calls are received on your iPhone because it has an interface similar to Apple’s.

Skype’s new update is available only to the consumer version but Microsoft states that soon it will also be available for the ‘Skype for Business’ iOS app.




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