Microsoft’s AI hologram can speak fluently in any language

Microsoft has created a hologram software that may remodel anybody as a digital speaker of another language. Presented at the Microsoft Inspire partner conference at Las Vegas, Microsoft presented Julia White, and her precisely virtual double (imagery) speaking in the Japanese language.

The software closely entails the details of the person, recreates the spitting image you would have ever known of in the history of technological evolution and the results are mind-blowing, to say the least.

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It’s the first of its kind. The keynote was translated into Japanse by using neural text to speech and Azure AI.

It is highly unlikely how soon the software/product will be made available commercially, but the misuse of the product could also be intriguing and one is sceptical about how effectively the double imagery could be negatively used for malafide intentions.

Too early to speculate though, for now, the product has spurred a sensation in the world of tech.

Watch the video:

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