‘MeToo’ hashtag breaks the Internet with sexual assault stories

On Facebook and Twitter you probably have seen a lot of posts with ‘MeToo’ hashtag from your female friends and connections. The hashtag was started when Alyssa Milano, former costar of firebrand Rose McGowan, tweeted that the woman who have been sexually assault should come on front and use the hashtag ‘MeToo’ to raise an awareness about sexual abuse.

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Right after the tweet, internet was flooded with posts and tweets using hashtag ‘MeToo’. The tweet from Alyssa too received overwhelming response on Twitter.

Fuel was added to the fire when celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rosario Dawson also tweeted with hashtag ‘MeToo’. Few even shared their stories on Facebook and Twitter about how badly they were mis-handled.

The hashtag is going strong on Facebook, Twitter and does not show any signs of fading out in near future. The hashtag has given women on social media a power to speak about this critical issue and raise awareness.

Via: The Next Web

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