6 Important life lessons you can learn from an Ant

Ants may seem very insignificant in size but they make a huge impact when in numbers. You might be wondering what can we learn from a life of an Ant?

Read on…

Following are the 6 important lessons we can learn from the lives of Ants.

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Lesson # 1 – Ants are driven by purpose

They have a clear, long term objectives and stay focused in order to achieve that objective. For example, one ant has a  complete responsibility is to find food for the colony with its team.

This stands true for the humans as well. We should always have a clear purpose in our mind and stay focused to achieve our objectives. Life has lot of obstacles, stumbling blocks but that should not put us off. Life without a purpose is meaningless.

Lesson # 2 – They work as a team

Every team member has a responsibility, Ants create small teams with tasks assigned. Some are assigned to building colonies, some to collect food and and some to inform the team working about external threats.

Humans can learn from team building activities. If you want to go far, you need a team to do so. Alone, not everything can be achieved. Designate responsibilities, empower others and make them accountable. Take an example of any business, it is the team which plays a vital role in growth of the business.

Lesson # 3 – Work and Rest

Since Ants have to work with natural resources, they work in summers and rest in winters. In a limited time of summers they have to get a lot done, save food and build colonies in order to survive in winters.

There is a good lesson to be learnt here. We cannot work all the time, if we do so, we get burnt out. Instead we should work smart, save our energies and schedule our work smartly.

Lesson # 4 – Think big

They are small in size but they work in numbers. It is astonishing to see ants create big colonies for themselves. This shows the smartness and of-course intelligence.

The take away here is, if you want to get something done, think big. We should have big dreams for our future, our size and skin colour does not matter.

Lesson # 5 – Ants carry workload they can handle

You will be surprised to know, aunts can handle right up to 100 times their current weight. Beyond that, they know their limitations.

We as human should know about boundaries, our limitations and should not over do the efforts beyond our reach. Act smart is always the key to our life

Lesson # 6 – Serve One Another.

As we have discussed above, Aunts work as a team. They serve one another for the purpose of a bigger vision.

Human beings should also work that way, we should help each others in the time of need. What goes around comes around. If we help someone today, it will come back to us in a mysterious ways we could never imagine.

All it takes is a one simple question, what can I do for you?


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