Meta Launches Paid Verification Program in the UK: Enhancing User Trust and Safety

Meta Introduces Paid Verification Program in the UK

In the UK, Meta has made its premium verification program, Meta Verified, available for £9.99 per month for both Facebook and Instagram. It offers benefits including proactive impersonation protection, access to customer assistance, and a blue badge for verification, and is targeted at creators.

In February, the business first made the subscription plan available to customers in Australia and New Zealand. For users in the United States, Meta Verified became accessible in March.

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After Elon Musk’s Twitter re-launched its paid verification membership plan called Twitter Blue, Meta unveiled its verified program.

The business published the announcement on the Meta Creators Community UK group, as social media consultant Matt Navarra noted. It was stated that the program was developed with input from up-and-coming creators.

Users should be aware that Instagram and Facebook verification require different payments. For identity verification, subscribers must be at least 18 years old, enable two-factor verification, and provide a government ID.

Subscribers must also have a display name that matches their official ID, according to Meta. The decision to divulge the identities of some persons who might not want to give their true names for their own security has drawn criticism from sex workers, trans creators, and other privacy activists.

The terms of Meta currently prohibit subscribers from changing their usernames, names, or profile pictures. But the business claimed to be developing the tools and procedures to make it possible.

In contrast to Twitter, Meta doesn’t intend to take away legacy verification that was given to well-known accounts. A legacy verification badge and the new subscription verification badge for Meta Verified cannot be distinguished visually from one another.

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