Meet Arslan Sadiq – A journey from tragedies to an amazing revolutionary future

Muhammad Saad Arslan Sadiq, better known to his friends and associates as “Arslan,” is a successful entrepreneur and businessman with his own business. He is the founder and CEO one of the top IT companies in Pakistan: Global Hosting Service. He is also active on Twitter and Facebook, as well as blogging on his own website.

Several Tragedies Led to Arslan’s Own Revolutionary Future

While obviously very successful now, things weren’t always working this well for Arslan. In fact, by the time he turned three years old both his father, grandmother and an elderly uncle had died, leaving just a younger uncle to help take care of him, his grandfather and his mother.

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At the age of 10, his mother remarried and family decided not to take him to live with her and her new husband, and Arslan had to live with his aunt, uncle and grandfather. There were no other children there, and tragedy struck again two years later when both his uncle and grandfather died. Arslan persevered and passed his matric exams at 14, and at 16 he was studying computer sciences.

Then, another death at 16 when his last remaining relative, his aunt, also died, thus leaving Arslan alone in the world. However, he was not to let that define him and decided it was not the end of the world since he was still alive and knew he had to step out of his comfort zone and move on.

From Forum Member to Forum Owner

Arslan started to join social media forums, and worked hard day and night until he became administrator of several of these forums, and has created his own, along with working and leading many social media team.

Some examples are those accomplishments include that he is the social media head of State Youth Parliament of Pakistan & Social Media Advisor of Positive Pakistan and Youth Association of Pakistan.

These experiences helped him develop the Global Hosting Service he runs today with servers in the US, Europe, Canada, the UK, Turkey, Hong Kong, Pakistan, and India. Global Hosting Service provides Domain Registration, Domain Resellers, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Hosting Resellers, Shared Hosting, SEO Hosting, Web Development and Software Development, SEO Service, SMS / Email and Social Media Marketing Services for customers worldwide.

Arslan Sadiq as Internet Influencer on Social Media, Other Online Venues

Global Hosting Services is also one of the largest IT groups in Pakistan with more than 150,000 members (150K+) and it is a Gold Channel Partner of .PK registry and currently is the top seller of .PK both nationally and internationally. Find out more at:

Arslan also heads one of the largest Pakistani Bloggers Groups, which has about 48,000 members, and can be found at: One of his personal blogs can be found at

arslan sadiq twitter

Plus, this orphan turned successful businessman is followed on Twitter (ranked 37th) by more than a million people. His social media posts and tweets are often mentioned and commented about on other media accounts, as well as news channels, blogs and websites.

Additionally, he works with many social media teams as social media head and social media advisor to defend Islam and Pakistan on his social media pages.

He Never Gave Up Hope, Never Stopped Growing and Learning

Arslan says that no matter how many people betrayed him how many friends stepped back from him, even when he got hurt he kept struggling, learning, and moving on with his life.

Arslan says, “I always wanted to be an SSG commando, but now, when I look back on my life, it makes me feel peaceful, happy and proud because despite all the hardships and hurricanes, I never let myself fall upon the ground. I always tried to be like my favorite quotation, which says, ‘’Be like a candle which burns itself out, but provides light to others.’ I have always tried my best in everything I do, and be a candle of hope for others.”



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