Jack Ma’s analysis about our education system and why we need to change that

Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma talked about the current education system and its visible flaws. He addressed a large group of people at Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York.

Jack said, our generation was lucky as we are now 50 years old. We should not make problems for our kids. For our kids, we have to pay special attention to the education system. This stands true for every country. Our education system has a problem.

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The way we teach, the things we teach is going to make our kids loose jobs in next 30 days. All knowledge we have, machines can do lot better. We have to teach our kids that machines can’t do better than human beings.

We have to re-arrange the education system because of advanced computing, Artificial intelligence.

We need to teach our kids to be innovative in order to be successful in the future.

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If you want to be successful, you should have EQ. If you don’t want to loose quickly, you should have IQ but if you want to be respected and if you want to survive, you should have LQ.

LQ is Q of love, Machines will never have that.


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