How to land a high paying client within no time

high paying clients

More and more freelancers are doing online work nowadays. The competition for getting highly paid projects is getting fiercer. There are a lot of freelancers who have the skills to do good work but lag behind because they lose pitch when it comes to creating an impressive profile.

Create a killer profile that gets you noticed:

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Most freelancers are not even aware of the fact that creating an impressive profile can help them win a lot of projects. They do not include sufficient information on their profile for the client to have an idea of what it will be like to work with a new freelancer. Also, freelancers usually forget to update their freelance profiles and keep delaying it as they do not consider it important.

A good profile is something that is crucial for any freelancer who is either looking for a job or networking in the industry. An impressive profile catches the eye of potential clients and you can get long-term projects from them.

The best way of comparing your profile with professional freelancers is to get a good look at their profiles and see what you are lacking on your part. Then comes your picture, you must not ignore the importance of presentation. Your look in the photo should be decent so that it can give others a good impression. A photo until the length of the shoulders would be enough to let people know what kind of person they are dealing with.

Always ask your clients to give you feedback after you complete their projects. Keep your history of work relevant and add links to relevant sites.

Following are the FIVE steps that will help you to land high-paying clients for your projects.

1. Set your rates:

Freelancers often wonder how much they should charge from clients but it’s a kind of dilemma in reality. If you charge too high, the potential client will hire another freelancer with low charges. And if you charge less than others, there is a possibility you will end up earning less than the ability you have to earn.

First, know the level of your skills and then charge accordingly. The best recommendation would be between average and 80% of the maximum.

2. Cast a wide net: Boost your profile by doing some tests

You can upgrade your profile by taking some tests that are available on freelancing platforms such as Upwork. Take tests that are relevant to your skills and post their results on your profile. This will a good impression on the potential client and will increase your credibility as a talented freelancer. If you are not sure which tests you should take, then see what type of tests other professional freelancers have taken on their profiles. This will give you a good idea of where to start with.

3. Find good clients:

Freelancing has become a boom-or-bust sort of business and it is hard to find clients with projects that will help you earn extra cash. Getting started with the wrong people will land you nowhere and you will regret it later. Look for clients who are quality lords, they will trust you with their projects and have more tendency of becoming long-term clients. Look at their profile with money spent. If a job requires a lot of work and the client is not willing to pay accordingly, that is the wrong number 🙂

4. The art of writing a winning pitch:

Write a unique pitch for every client’s project. Get your voice through to the clients in the noise of all freelancers that are crying “Pick me”. Completely understand the job description and see what skills the client is looking for. If you are interested in the job, state your experience and provide references. If the project lands on your plate, do the project exactly as demanded by the client.

5. The Secret Weapon (Not a weapon of mass destruction by any means):

The secret of staying ahead of other freelancers is to look for clients who have posted a work of your choice in the past. Luckily if they have revealed their contact information, introduce yourself and your skills through a detailed message. This message will make you known to clients and when they will post a job, they will surely keep you in mind above other freelancers.

The digital world is a saturated place for freelancers; you have to fight in order to get high-paying clients. It will take your skill, talent, and luck to approach and get projects from great clients. So apply these rules and never let go of the high-paying clients, deal with them right away from the start.

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