The fine line between criticism and disrespect on the social media

With the fast-growing popularity of social media, it is easy for everybody to reach out to anyone. Unfortunately, because it is all virtual, people take the freedom of spewing their negative thoughts by commenting on other people’s posts, eventually resulting in bitterness.

Although Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly claimed that he wants to make the world’s largest social networking website Facebook absolutely “hate-free” yet, people take the liberty to voice their opinion in the name of “freedom of speech“.

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With everyone gradually getting their accounts on social media all over the world, we will soon find people living virtually and interacting in person. That could actually prove fatal for many souls, especially the younger ones.

It could be bad because if you look at the typical pattern of social media, people are judgmental, they feel their right to defame others because they do not understand their vision, their goal, and the purpose of work. The unfortunate highlight is, people are judgmental without filling in the other’s shoes.

People take the liberty to talk about someone’s personal life. They even feel comfortable cursing them out of envy, a courtesy of freedom of speech. Mocking at others’ posts, maligning their reputation, and pulling and dragging them down because of disagreement are just a few common things on all social media platforms now. Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg with more serious problems hidden. When they are exposed to an unbearable point, it results in anxiety and depression.

Another interesting aspect of social media is that people can say what they want to say but can not take criticism when it is thrown back at them. They get exasperated and do not have the heart to hear what they do not want to hear.

On social media, the best way of having a prominent presence is, to live and let others live. It’s not your punching bag to practice your muscle and reflect on what you believe is right and become opinion centric without respecting others’ space and boundaries.

If you do, expect to be treated fairly and equally the same way as you have landed the exercise of voicing your bad behavior.

Don’t play God.

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