Just deleted my Twitter account – Elon Musk

He says he has just deleted his twitter account but its just a statement on the Twitter and he has not tweeted after that. Elon Musk gets into the news for his social media manoeuvring again, this time a statement, ‘Just deleted my Twitter account‘. High on weed or perhaps disheartened by a twitter incident that pissed him off, it remains to be seen if he makes a comeback, if ever.

It all started with Elon sharing someone’s work on his twitter without taking permission or giving credits. The content owner got into a heated argument with Musk, resulting in this tweet. He has not deleted his account though and that seems to be little tricky for many news giants on the internet.

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Twitter has a befitting response to Musk’s tweet. Here are few for you to make your day better.

Hey, wait, what if he is taking some time off Twitter to work on that Free WIFI to connect the world?

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