Jeff Bezos becomes the first man in history with a net worth of over $200 Billion

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, CEO Amazon would have surpassed $200b in wealth a long time ago had he not divorced.

at 56, he is already the richest man on planet earth and becomes the first person to hit a net worth of $200 billion. He was ordered to hand over about $38 billion to his ex-wife MacKenzie Bezos as part of the divorce settlement last year. The Bezoses were married for 25 years. They announced divorce last year and have four kids from the marriage.

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The divorce did not stop Jeff to transform Amazon into a $1.4 trillion company and an increase in his personal wealth.

The initiative of focusing on making Amazon more climate-friendly and growing his personal real estate empire has helped Jeff Bezos to transform from a NY hedge-funder to establishing one of the most powerful, valuable companies in the world.

Such has been the magnitude of his visionary leadership that this year, amid Covid-19, Jeff added $13 billion to his net worth in one day, a record for the largest single-day increase by an individual.

According to Forbes research, Bezos has also donated about $360 million to charity.

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