Jack Ma’s Top Five Tips For Ever Lasting Success

At Gateway’s 17 conference, Jack Ma shares his advice

Jack Ma’s life is all inspiring and he seems to be never done with growing when it comes to leadership. Being the chairman of tens of thousands of employees, Jack ma makes it look so easy. But in reality, he is a true rags-to-riches story. Without money or connections, the only thing that got him ahead was his motivation.

For entrepreneurs, he has some great advice

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  • Being trusted by people:

According to Jack ma, the most important reason that made him successful with Alibaba was trusted by the employees as well as the investors. Trust is something that makes people put everything on the line for you. You need to be loyal with them so that they work in unity and help you carry your mission further.

  • Give priority to your customers:

Jack Ma states that customer satisfaction should be the main priority in order to sustain in the long term. Whatever services he provided with Alibaba were to satisfy the needs of customers. He is not very much worried about the competition with the rival companies instead he is more focused on providing people what they ask for. Making customers happy should be given more value.

  • Globalization:

Ma thinks that in order for small businesses to survive in the long run, they need to operate internationally. Internet is a great medium to globalize a business as the market is becoming more and more competitive therefore small business should focus on how to sell their products across the world.

  • Believe in the young lot:

According to Jack Ma, young people should be given a chance to come forward. They have more energy and can do a job in a much better way. Ma believes in hiring smart people because they are the ones who can take a company at a higher level.

  • Perseverance:

Ma believes that nobody should lose hope because of facing difficulties on the road to success. He says that today might be very difficult for some, tomorrow might be difficult too but the day after tomorrow is very bright.

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