It’s more important to learn to code than to learn a foreign language – Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook is very visionary and that is one important reason why Apple was extremely successful in year 2017. Apple in its new program “Everyone Can Code” designed to introduce coding curriculum for elementary, high schools, and colleges ensures every student learns how to design and code an iOS app.

Tim Cook always speaks highly about the importance of teaching coding to kids. Last week in an interview, he said;

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if you have to make a choice, it’s more important to learn to code than to learn a foreign language.

Cook’s recent comments prompted MacRumors reader El-ad in an email to ask him about his own coding experience. Cook said, he learned to code in college because coding wasn’t offered at the high school in those days.

I learned in college. No classes exist in the high school I attended. I’m happy this is now changing.

A full one year coding course is designed by Apple engineers, educators to teach students how to design and code iOS apps for the App Store.  According to MacRumors, Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum is available in schools and colleges around the world.

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