It’s All About Skills Now – Google, IBM, Apple No Longer Require College Degree

Degrees Don’t Matter Anymore, Skills Do

A strong belief that students who get low test scores are not smart and avoid tough majors that lead to some of the best jobs, is now being proved wrong. It is because people misunderstood those individuals and didn’t realize that each person is smarter in their own way. All of today’s successful leaders are the college dropouts of their time. But they achieved success not by acquiring the degrees, but by honing the skills they knew they are good at.

The good news for all such people who have been not very efficient in acquiring greater degrees is that today’s most top companies are not interested in assigning jobs to people who have completed a four-year degree program. Instead, they want you to have the skills that are required to work. The world-leading companies such as Apple, IBM, and Google, believe in self-learning, innovation, passion, and having clear goals.

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Glassdoor has compiled a list of Top companies that do not require a 4 year college degree. Companies such as Google, Apple, and IBM are looking for skills over college degree.

According to the IBM’s head of talent organization, these types of jobs are called new-collar jobs in which the eligibility of the candidates is based on their skill. In this way all the applicants who failed to complete their four-year degree in any way but have proved their technical knowledge will have a chance to become of part of these organizations. Tanmay Bakshi, one of the youngest software programmers in the world, is one such example. Bakshi came across a documentary on the IBM Watson when he was 11 years of age and become hooked to it. Looking at it, he found inspiration to develop his own first Wastson App named as Ask Tanmay.

After some time, he found a bug in the Document Conversion service by IBM and shared it on Twitter. This was taken notice of by the IBM who were working on the service and contacted the young Tanmay. Once he was contacted, two of these initial contacts became his mentors and assisted him in working together with the company.

In the same way, if you have a degree in some other program but are ken in learning software development. You can still get a job in the world’s leading companies. There are so many examples who have been working for something else previously but ended up doing something they loved the most. Angela Taylor is one such example who worked as an HR person in Google and with her can-do attitude, she became a Google engineer.

This explains that the potential in each individual is unlocked by combining the power of computers and software. In order to proceed, the desire to learn is important and teachers or parents only need to understand the flexibility of children to learn at their own pace and they should not be over pushed for grades in the school. Once the individuals are given the flexibility, they will better be equipped with skills and knowledge than just getting degrees.

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