Intelligence is over rated. Here is what you need to succeed

We clearly know that we know the answer what makes Tiger Woods great? What makes Warren Buffet the world’s premier investor? We think we know that it’s because they came into the world with a natural gift of intelligence which made them do what they ended up doing. But it is not that simple, targeted natural gifts do not exist. You are never born a CEO or a successful investor. The greatness is achieved through an enormous amount of hard work. And it is not just hard work; the success requires a particular type of work that is demanding and painful.

Scientists have been able to produce remarkably consistent findings proving that talent doesn’t mean intelligence. You do not need to worry about the lack of a natural gift because it is irrelevant. Your greatness and success are related to the innate ability to do some specific activity especially well. The evidence that was surveyed by scientists failed to support that a person’s success is a consequence of possessing innate gifts. Success is related to how certain people go on improving themselves with deliberate practice in any field. The myth-of-talent hypothesis has therefore been clearly ruled out when it comes to achieving success. Some important traits are partly inherited and only influence what a person does. Therefore you should focus more on improving your emotional intelligence (EQ), moral intelligence (MQ), and body intelligence (BQ). Their importance is far greater than your conventional intelligence quotient.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ):

Emotional intelligence is the understanding of one’s own feelings and empathy for the feelings of others. For personal success, emotional intelligence is more important than IQ and it can be improved. It involves managing your thoughts, motivating yourself, managing relationships, and recognizing other people’s emotions.

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Moral Intelligence (MQ):

There is an absolute correlation between moral intelligence and business performance. When the competition is fiercest, moral intelligence is something that becomes essential for success. Keeping commitment, maintaining your integrity, being honest, and being responsible are all related to moral intelligence. For improving your moral intelligence, you need to avoid lies, show sympathy, and tolerance for other people’s shortcomings.

Body Intelligence (BQ):

For decades, body intelligence has been the source of speculation and theory. Body intelligence is the form of body awareness that supports overall wellness. It is the awareness and use of bodily sensations to support a person’s health, well-being, being responsive to the energy of others, and the environment.

For improving your body intelligence, you need to be attentive to the messages your body send you daily. The best way of increasing your body intelligence is through good nutrition, regular exercise, and adequate rest.

You cannot just focus on your IQ for being successful in life, these three categories of intelligence are more important. The multiple intelligences are known to concern more the human cognition because a human brain is wired with cognitive abilities. You just need to recognize the intelligence and be like people who are demonstrated as picture smart.

Via: Forbes