Instagram’s adding SnapChat’s add-on, Polly

When we come across a new idea that’s actually fulfilling people needs helping them to share more moments in life, we think as one person did it so we cannot go near that idea. Frankly, it would be very silly of us to think like that. By looking at Facebook and Instagram, we should not feel guilty or reluctant about copying what works for other people. The most popular social media platform Facebook has been on an inevitable march of progress by copying what it feels good to be copied from SnapChat. Recently, the parent company has added another feature from Snapchat.

Today we’re introducing an interactive poll sticker in Instagram Stories that lets you ask a question and see results from your friends and followers as they vote.

Whether you’re trying to plan tomorrow’s outfit, choosing which class to take or figuring out where to go for dinner, now it’s easy to share a two-option poll right in your story. After you’ve taken a photo or video for your story, select the “poll” sticker and place it anywhere you’d like — you can write out your own question and even customize the poll choices. Instagram Official

SnapChat’s Polly is a popular third-party app which allows users to add simple multiple-choice polls to Stories. This feature has been added by Instagram. It stated that an interactive poll sticker has been added in Instagram Stories which allows users to ask a question and find results from their friends and followers as they vote. It has become easy for the users to share a two-option poll right in their story. The process is simple, once a photo or video for a story has been captured, users can select a poll sticker and place it anywhere they want to. Users can also write their own question and personalize their poll choices.

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It doesn’t matter that the audience agrees on Instagram copying the feature because no one can deny the effectiveness of the feature. Polls provide an opportunity to users to hook their following with an in-between offering. This will connect with users who are not willing to comment but can engage in a more casual manner.

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