Instagram now lets users share posts directly to their stories

Instagram has introduced a new feature that will let users share post from their own account as well as from other public accounts they are following — directly to the story as a customizable sticker.

It seems that this new feature is introduced to help promote the brands, accounts you like so you can put them as own story. It will also be easier than just saving the image and putting it in the story which is currently how people are using Instagram right now for the posts they like or brands they follow.

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Also the added advantage of this new feature is, once you share the story, it will still include original posters username along with the link to the original post.

Instagram shared stories
How does it work?

Users will be able to share the stories by clicking the same paper airline symbol above a post in their feed. Once clicked, there is an additional option to create a story. The post gets shared to the stories as sticker which can be rearranged and put on customizable background before posting.

It must be noticed here that only the public accounts can be shared to the stories and the users will have the option to stop others from sharing their posts too.

Via: The Verge

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