5 ways to train your brain to become smarter

While living in a digital age, we are continuously surrounded by digital devices. The connectivity is meant to make everyone smarter and faster but instead, it isn’t as we are not competing with humans anymore. Because of the advances in artificial intelligence we have easy access to all kinds of information. But the abundance of information makes it hard to remember it and makes it even difficult to use. For grasping major topics, you need to train your brain to become smart instead of relying on digital devices.

Studies have proved that making yourself smarter is possible and attaining high intelligence is nothing more than a great ability for pattern recognition and problem-solving. All of this is very much trainable to your brain.

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Following are the ways you can train your brain to learn and develop with time and effort:

Staying in an intelligent group of people:

People with high intelligence often discuss topics that are not easy to grasp for less intelligent individuals. therefore, they always look for people who have high intelligence levels so that they can explain and understand the topics of their interest in a better manner. It is because the kind of people you surround yourself with, the same impact it brings on your mind and personality. Therefore, keep a company where people are interested in increasing their mental capacity.


Reading is often underestimated among people as just a way to pass time. But reading is the most powerful way to influence and improve your mind. When you read about different topics, your mind comes in a constant evolving position; it improves your vocabulary, expands your communication skills, and helps to develop your analytical abilities.

Right fuel for brain:

High nutrition works very well in improving the power of your brain; therefore, you need to eat food that is meant for it. Dry fruits such as walnuts are a great source of brain food, so is fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel have proven to help with neuron functions.

Understand puzzle games:

If you don’t confront challenges, your brain becomes lazy and forgets the actual patterns. You need to make your brain realize that it is good at solving problems by playing games that make use of your brain a lot. Word puzzles are the best for this purpose as well as other games such as memory games, problem-solving games etc.

Develop the habit of writing:

One of the important ways to make your brain smart is to write everything by keeping a diary. Take notes of the ideas and it will create an extension of your own mind. When you make a routine of writing down ideas, it will enable you to think more thoroughly and will improve your brain capacity to a higher level.

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