In China – Zidan Duanxin is giving Tencent’s WeChat a real tough competition

Launched on 20th August, Zidan Duanxin is a new messaging App to take-on Tencent’s WeChat, a messaging App with over one billion users all across China. WeChat controls 86 percent of China’s social media app users. In China, WhatsApp and all Facebook owned Apps are banned.

According to App Annie, the new messaging app has gained a lot of popularity and downloads and has quickly risen to the most popular messaging App in China ever since it was put on the stores for free download. Currently the App does not have any in-app purchases.

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The App is backed by the famous Chinese smartphone maker Smartisan and has caught attention of investors in the country and worldwide. Smartisan announced on Wiebo that company is close to securing first round funding of US$22 million.

So that brings one to a very important question.

Why has Zidan Duanxin gained popularity over night?.

What is in it that despite of the fact; it is yet another messaging app, it has attracted new users. Is this App going to shift users from WeChat which has now In-App purchases. Currently, WeChat is one stop resource to take care of bills, making purchases within the App.

The answer lies in the Zidan Duanxin functionality of voice-to-text function. The app transcribes people’s (voice) speech and includes the original clip underneath the sent text. Unlike WeChat, where users have to tab on the audio file to have it transcribed, Zidan is doing it automatically; thus saving time for the users.

Do you have a messaging App in your country that could take WhatsApp heads-on. WhatsApp currently has over 1 billion daily active users worldwide.

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