Impressive tool for predicting future

Internet entails an amazing amount of information for us that helps to correctly envision our future. In a single day, users on the internet leave over 2.5 billion gigabytes of combined data trail. Luckily there are some improved tools that are available to help users with their search regarding their future. Predictive World is one such tool that involves big data, personalized data, and demographic information to make the future search more accurate.


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If logged on through Facebook, this tool extracts the information such as a person’s age, gender, and liked pages. Then in order to create an accurate profile for a person, this Predictive World tool combines the specifics with the local demographics.

The entire experience is presented in the form of a beautiful story. For instance, if a person’s height is 178 cm, he will have the opportunity to have a look at different things predicted for his/her future. He/she will have the predictions for life expectancy, chances of getting involved in a drug addiction, and the chances of dying the same year.


This tool provides a beautiful animated experience to the users for their future which makes them feel they are living an imaginary life with the help of a supercomputer to extract world’s information. This tool has been developed as a collaboration between University if Cambridge and Watch Dogs 2. The tool is really helpful in raising awareness among people that with the help of big data, accurate profiling is surely possible.

Via: TheNextWeb



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