Pakistanis have translated WordPress in Urdu

Age of WordPress is now 13+ years, being the most famous Content management system with 69% sites on internet are built in WordPress. This is because of flexibility of the WordPress and because over a million plugins that enhance its adaptability. This makes WordPress as everyone’s choice.

WordPress has one of the biggest tech gurus community in the Word. These contributors enhance WordPress in every way possible; they make it more secure and up to date with latest trends. WordPress has already been translated in 164 languages (called Locals), out of 164 only 12 Locals were 100% translated.

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Most disappointing moment for us being Pakistani was that a country with 20 Million people and Urdu is 19th largest language (142 Million people can read and write it). Pakistan is ranked 3rd in the in terms of producing freelancers in IT Industry in the World (According to statistics released by Upwork – formally Elance) only 48% strings were translated and without any quality control and version wasn’t updated since 3.6.2.

Code Movement Pakistan took it as challenge started working on this project and in just the short time of 4 months; they took it to the 95%.

In August, 2016 for the first time in the history WordPress Urdu appeared as a language choice for the users.

Translations work was done by Asad Khan, Muhammad Usama Masood, Asif Ullah and Khurram Khawaja. More Code Movement Pakistan’s contribution is more than the total contribution of all the translators.  Then Ahmed Awais his team joined the translations team and alongside with Code Movement and other 110 contributors achieved this milestone on 21st of November, 2016.

Now Urdu is among 13 out of 164 languages that are 100% translated and can be used in Multi site, Network and Main admin area.

Here is a update and a request from Code Movement Pakistan

  1. We would request people to join us hand to hand use it as much possible so linguistic and contextual mistakes can be identified and fixed.
  2. Translators need to work on the frequently used plugins like ContactForm7, Gravity Forms and other plugins and to translate them as well.




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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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