Humans do not need to fear smart computers – Jack Ma

Humans do not need to worry about smart computers evolution. In the modern era, artificial intelligence is gaining prominence and is right here to cause disruption and perhaps displacement. Humans are being afraid of being replaced by smart computers but that should really not be the case.

While speaking to formal United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Jack said – computers are superiors to the humans in different ways. Computers are able to display better memory as we saw AlphaGo computer winning over world’s top 10 players in the game of “Go.”

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Despite of rapid Technology evolution, computers well never be able to replace human,  irrespective of how smart they become eventually human beings will be the champions – Jack Ma

The world is not about smartness. The world is about heart. Wisdom is from the heart. The brain is about knowledge. If you compete with knowledge, the computer will win. If you compete with wisdom, the computer has no chance.

Jack emphasized on focusing on changing the education systems in the world to let human do the things they are good at. He said, will be tough and it it is important for the system to adapt to the difficulties before they take control.

I love the technological revolution, but I’m concerned about its potential negative impacts. Talk to all the different players including governments, private entities, and urge them that we have to prepare ourselves now for this imminent change.

If you want to be successful in the next 30 years, think about others, not about yourself.

The article originally appeared on Alizila

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