8 proven reasons why you should surround yourself with nature

Our home and work place holds a lot of stress and this is the reason we have become impatient and lose our temper over and over again. The digital spins have made it impossible for us to go outside. Seeing less of daylight has made us more vulnerable to diseases like osteoporosis, anxiety, and depression. Although we know that being outdoors is important but we don’t know the actual benefits it can give us.

Exposing ourselves to the natural world around us can heal us from inside by providing us with the following benefits.

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Memory-promoting effects:

According to recent studies that have been carried out on the effects of environment on human existence reveal that even simple nature walks can have memory-promoting effects. The experiments that have been carried out revealed that tests on people who walked among trees did 20% better than the time they didn’t. Nature boosts working memory much more than working out in a gym or in urban environments.

Lowers stress levels:

Studies have proved that even the view of nature out of a window can help to relax our mind. Spending time in nature changes the physical of stress in our body. Staying in the outdoors can decrease the heart rate and cortisol levels.

Reduces inflammation:

Increase in inflammation increases the chances of autoimmune disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer, and depression. Staying connected to nature helps to keep everything on the lower level.

Reduces fatigue:

Mental fatigue is when our energy seems to have depleted and we feel unable to focus on anything. But nature helps our energy to bounce back and by just even looking at the pictures, can help us to experience a mental boost.

Protective effect on eyes:

Time spent outdoors is found to have a protective effect on our eyes. It reduces the risk of developing nearsightedness and its progression in children as well as adolescents.

Restore our focus:

Even a small walk in nature brings positive effects on our ability to focus. The short periods spent in nature can help us for managing ADHD symptoms.

Boosts immune system:

By bringing anti-cancer effects to our body, spending time in nature can help to boost our immune system. It makes us fight off less serious diseases such as cold, flu, and other infections.

Lower risk of early death:

According to a Dutch study, there has been found a deep connection between health and green space. People who live close to green space are less vulnerable to diseases which reduce the risk of their early death.

Via: Business insider

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