How to make networking easier

Networking to some people seems like a pointless exercise. Tor them it is about a bunch of desperate career climbers’ smarming up to smug the high-flyers. They consider networking not helpful for anyone to actually get things done. But in recent years, networking has grown a lot and has gained a lot of momentum. The reason why so many people detest networking is that they don’t know how to actually do it. It is way different than the false image of sucking up to people. Networking is about building valuable, lasting, and mutually beneficial contacts.

Following are the few great ways to take on board if you want to become a networking whiz without selling yourself out:

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1. Reframe in your mind:

The first thing you should do in making networking seem less pressurized is to reframe it. Instead of calling it simple networking, you should rename it in your own mind as relationship networking which will indicate that the part of networking is all about making friends and having the conversation.

2. Bring your friend:

There is one friend who helps you to be your best self and who can be your best support when you are new at a place. So be with your friend when you go out to meet new people, it will help you to settle in easily and become good at making new friends.

3. Eliminate awkwardness by eliminating aimlessness:

The conversation that starts aimlessly ends with no outcome. Therefore, eliminate awkwardness in your conversation by putting some purpose in it. You need to find common ground during a conversation so that the relationship can be taken forward.

4. Think of adding value:

The purpose of your networking should not be just for some time, it should be for an unlimited time. You should always be focusing on how to add value to the other person. As this is how they will make an effort to add value to you and make the relationship mutually beneficial.

5. Nurture relationships:

Instead of thinking of benefitting instantly from the newly formed relationships, it is better to nurture them for some time. Even before you need someone’s help, provide them support without asking for anything in return. Your first conversation doesn’t have to be all, you should offer a way to extending the connection and follow through your promises to reach back to them.

Via: Business Insider

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