Here is how you can master the art of happiness

Establishing lasting happiness is just like planting a tree, which actually needs a healthy root system, a strong trunk, healthy growing branches and foliage. Happiness is similarly an ongoing process and once you lay a strong foundation, you create a sustainable pattern of behavior that can be maintained and expanded for the rest of your life. However, finding and maintaining this happiness can be evasive for some people.

If you are one of those people who actually do not know where to begin, following are the few guidelines for you.

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1. Everything has something positive:

Once you start realizing the importance of happiness in your life, you will see that positivity is all around you. Everything has some positive aspect in it and even the toughest situations, have some positive outcomes for you. You just need to access your situations logically and then you will realize, there is nothing to give up.

2. Feel fulfilled:

When life becomes boring, happiness seems to be overtaken by frustration and anxiety. Therefore, keep your life filled with activities, focus on each area of your life, and decide whether or not you feel satisfied. The areas you feel make you sad or tense, take some time to figure out what change will make you happier and work for it.

3. Make every minute worth living:

Life is short and most of the people waste a lot of time in being unhappy. You should live your life to the fullest and get things that you actually want rather than wasting time on irrelevant things. Spend time with people who make you happy and focus on activities that make you feel satisfied.

4. Seek out new experiences:

A stagnant lifestyle can eliminate happiness from your life and make it unsatisfying very easily. Therefore, seek out more opportunities and learn more about the world around you. Discover passions and learn about inspiring people.

5. Become helpful:

The best happiness you can get is by making others happy and to lose yourself in the service of others. No matter how much you are tangled up in your own life, take out time to volunteer to help people in need. Happiness is sure to flock you once you use your ability to keep others happy and satisfied.

Via: Lifehack 

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