How to “Make” a YouTube Video – (The Ultimate Answer)

STOP, right there!

Lemme first teach you, How to ASK a Question! 🙂

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Q: How to Make a YouTube Video? | WRONG

Q: How to Record a YouTube Video? | CORRECT

Why’s that?

Because if you DON’T even understand the question yourself, why would you ASK it to anyone?

How to MAKE a YouTube Video?

Can you even tell the meaning of “Make” in this question?


How to RECORD a YouTube Video?

A perfect question! 🙂

If you ask the question the RIGHT way, even to yourself, you’ll know the answer to that question! 🙂

In this case, even if you ask this question to someone who doesn’t give a damn about what YouTube is, he’s gonna give you the answer!

His answer would be; “pick your phone, you dumbass!”

Sorry for being rude! 🙁 But, I have to, sometimes, to explain things! 🙂

And if you’re a camera-shy, that’s another story.

And THAT’s when you ask; How to Make a YouTube Video?


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