How to Engage with your social media followers quickly and authentically

For most of the people, social media marketing is an opportunity to publish relevant content, generate leadership, and engagement. But they are unaware that they limit themselves as they miss out the most important part of the social media marketing. They fail to engage with their audience properly. Just increased number of followers is not enough; you need to engage with them. This can be sometimes time-consuming and no one can spare a whole day just to engage with followers. So in order to minimize the time to engage with your followers still being authentic, you need to find ways to get an amazing social media marketing experience. Following are the ways you can spice up the replies to the question that you have been asked that will show the true personality of your brand and keep the followers delighted for long.


When someone comments on your social media post that links to a blog post, instead of simply saying thanks, you can ask them following questions to engage the person.

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What is the part that you like the most of the blog post?

What has been the main takeaway from the post?

Did you agree with the idea?

How has been your experience?


You can build a relationship if your followers reply to your questions and this will help a lot in growing awareness about your business.


Including emoji can make your replies a lot fun and interesting. This is an effective way to convey your tone which is not possible in text-to-text messaging. Your followers will feel warmth when they will see a smiling emoji along with the replies.


Sometimes explaining things is easier when images are used especially when there is a character limit for the texts. When you have to show a point or explain something, images are best to provide support for the questions. You can add annotations to your images by using the CloudApp, Nimbus, Droplr, and these will make your explanation more clear.


There are so many people who share your content further. Saying just thanks to them will not make them as excited as when you will shout out loud for their kindness. Use GIFs to thanks people and now both Twitter and Facebook provide GIF button to add to your replies.


For better engaging, with your audience, you will truly need to make an effort. This will require you to answer their questions in the form of short videos. These nine to seconds of short clips will be helpful in explaining the answers more easily and will send a more personal message to the followers.

Via: Entrepreneur

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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