Approach work like horse race – Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey achieved her current status of a billionaire and a media royalty after years of hard work and experiences. Being a television host was a constant struggle for her that pushed her to remain relevant at all levels. The popular daytime show by Oprah Winfrey became a national syndication in 1986. It also became a popular show in America as millions of Winfrey fans were attracted because of her personal touch to shocking issues like marriage scandals etc. Then there started a number of TV shows and it seemed that there was an endless supply of the same format shows.

But now, she has reached a point in her career when she has realized that the greatest lesson for an individual is that only you can run your own race. She explained that when there were so many shows being produced, she and her team were unable to focus on what they were needed to produce. They were all committed to monitoring the competitors. She at that time told her team that they all have to be like horses participating in a race. According to her, these horses had blinders on either side in order to focus on what is ahead of them.

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Winfrey admitted openly that ahead of the 1994 season, she produced many shows that were not the best. Those were the shows that portrayed negativity and lesser sides of people. But once she directed herself and her team towards producing quality programs, then her every episode was deemed a force for good. In her programs, she explored issues like spirituality, self-actualization, and the best ways to raise children. Winfrey refused to produce the scandalous material that her competitors were working on at that time. Initially, she had to face a decline in her viewership and it came down from 13 million to 9 million but she stayed motivated.

She and her team kept working on the new format i.e. to live your best life without caring for what was going on around them. This is what made her show a success but it formed the basis of Winfrey’s entire career. According to Oprah, what kept her and her team’s focus was staying in their lane and not worrying about the rest of the field. This helped her to upgrade from tabloid topics to making people understand the positive lifestyle territory.

Via: Business Insider / Image via Oprah

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