Now You Can Enable WhatsApp Like Features for SMS Through This Smart Trick

Google’s RCS messaging services commonly known as (Rich Communication Services) is an SMS protocol that aims to uplift text messages by adding features such as pictures, supporting attachments, locations, video calls. The feature is the next upgraded level of typical text messages.

Reddit users recently posted a trick that will allow you to enable RCS. It does not matter if your phone carrier supports the service of if your smartphone is compatible.

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Here is how to get the trick work for you.

  • You should have the latest Android Messages beta installed (v5.2 currently).
  • An activity launcher that can see Android’s activities.
  • You need to turn your Wi-Fi off.

How to Enable RCS on Your Phone?

This video explains easily, how to enable RCS messaging easily on your Android phone:

Unfortunately its the mobile service providers all over the world who are delaying its launch because of the obvious reasons. This Android feature will give tough competition to WhatsApp because RCS works on all Android devices.

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